At Equine reproductive Services (UK) we work closely with stallion and stud owners across the North of England offering bespoke fixed price breeding schemes. These are optional schemes where the mare owner pays a single fee per breeding attempt, to cover the costs of veterinary work necessary to help get their mare in foal and monitor the early pregnancy. The scheme is a fixed fee with a discount for prompt payment.


Many mares need considerable monitoring and treatment after breeding and the costs of this can soon mount up if clients ‘pay as they go’. If a mare is on a breeding scheme, many of the procedures are already paid for, enabling the client to know their outlay on veterinary fees for that breeding attempt regardless of the amount of veterinary work involved. Over the years, as a veterinary practice specialising in equine breeding work, we have found this offers the best approach to getting mares in foal as early as possible in the breeding season.

Please be aware that not all schemes are comparable, our schemes are bespoke for the studs or insemination centres that they are offered from. Take care also in comparing schemes between veterinary practices as they don’t all include the same amount of scans and/or treatments. Some of our schemes are designed to include the routine work for your mare and her foal and these schemes may include foal examination and immunoglobulin G (IgG) assessment as well as completing a foal identification document and microchipping. Other schemes are designed to cover only the basics leaving the stud manager to manage mares more traditionally and are priced accordingly. Our schemes do not cover livery of your mare and/or foal, this is left up to the studs caring for your mare(s).


Schemes vary depending on where the mare is based and wether the mare is being naturally bred or artificially inseminated with chilled or frozen semen, however our schemes all include the physical and ultrasound examination of the genital organs assuming she is cycling properly, ovulation drugs, insemination (in the case of artificial breeding), oxytocin injections, a single post-breeding uterine lavage (if necessary), Caslick’s operation (stitching of the vulva) and pregnancy diagnosis at 14 to 16 days, 24 to 28 days and 36 to 42 days. Our schemes also include the management of twins at the 14-16 day stage. Any particular requirements or suggestions clients have regarding the veterinary care of their mares are taken into account.


Contact us at the office and we will happily discuss what services are offered where and what the schemes cost. Or, if you have a particular stallion in mind which is based at one of our studs, please feel free to contact them directly as they have copies of all the schemes offered. Studs that we work with can be found on the studs page.