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No supplements can be guaranteed free of prohibited substances

ERS Joint Aid- Elite

Available in a 850g tub, which will last a 500kg horse for 56 days on maintenance, feed at 1 scoop powder twice daily. Sometimes we feed two scoops daily for the first 14 days as a loading dose, or in preparation for a particular competition or race.

Our joint supplement contains all the main ingredients which have been found to be useful to promote healthy joints and cartilage, including Chondroitin, Hyaluroinic acid, Glucosamine, and Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM). These are combined with Boswellia Serrata, which is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties.

ERS Haemo-Tonic

Available in a 1.2l litre bottle, which will last a 500kg horse for 20 days, fed at 30ml syrup twice daily.

A palatable Iron, B-Complex and Cobalt enriched syrup on a Sorbitol base which is useful to optimise red blood cell production, especially after periods of stress such as when your horse is recovering from a virus or other chronic disease.

ERS Liver Aid

Available in a 1l bottle, which will last a 500kg horse for 16 days, fed at 60ml syrup once daily

Containing Milk Thistle and B Vitamins to help promote Liver function. If your horse is showing evidence of liver damage, or has been exposed to a known liver toxin such as Ragwort, this supplement is likely to help improve the function of the liver, prevent further damage and even improve recovery.

ERS Gastric Aid

Available in a 3.3kg tub, which will last a 500kg horse for 32 days, when fed at 100g pellets daily divided by three feeds.

A unique selection of prebiotics, amino acids, seawood extract and specific minerals helping to provide a physical barrier protecting the gastric mucosa from the harmful effects of stomach acid. This helps prevent ulcers forming or recurring, but does not replace treatment of existing ulcers with Omeprazole.

ERS Probiotic

Available in a 750g tub, which will last an average 500kg horse for 75 days when fed at 10g Pellets twice daily. We do occasionally double the amount fed in times of stress to 20g daily.

£15.70 (inc VAT) for a 30ml paste, which will last a foal 6 days

This supplement promotes digestive and gastric health, containing the yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae which is thought to help balance the all-important microflora in the digestive tract. Really useful for adult and young horses with any sort of gastrointestinal disruption, such as diarrhoea, horses on antibiotics, when recovering from a heavy worm burden or after being wormed, and during times of stress.

ERS Muscle Aid

Available in a 3kg tub, which will last an average horse for 64 days.

This contains a vital amino acid combination for formation of lean muscle mass, as well as Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant which will benefit muscles repairing from damage and may help to reduce further muscle damage.  

ERS Hoofbuilder

Available in a 1kg tub which will last a 500kg horse 50 days.

Containing high levels of Biotin per dose when compared to other hoof supplements on the market, as well as sulphur rich amino acids, Calcium to help cohesion in the hoof wall and Zinc which is required for healing of all epidermal tissue.

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