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Equine Reproductive Services was founded by Jonathan Pycock in 1997. Over the years Jonathan worked with a variety of colleagues from the Southern Hemisphere, including Max Wilson, Robyn Wilson (nee Woodward), Fiona Lacey, Eric Klaui and Karl Van Laeren amongst others, offering general equine and specialised reproductive services for Thoroughbred and Sport horse breeders alike. In 2000 Jonathan was joined by Charlie Cooke until his move to Rossdale’s in 2003. In 2004 Jonathan was joined by James Crabtree and they worked together for 8 seasons before Jonathan sold the business to James. In January 2013, Equine Reproductive Services (UK) was launched and Charlie Cooke returned to the team. In 2016 Charlie became co-director with James and here we find ourselves now. Jonathan remains as a consultant to Equine Reproductive Services (UK) and Deb remains in charge in the office.



Equine Reproductive Services (UK) Ltd

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