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Equine Reproductive Services (UK) are proud to be distributors of the iUPOD®. The iUPOD® is a new and novel modular intrauterine device made up of three plastic-coated magnetic units or pessaries which self assemble into a ring. Intra- uterine devices are thought to ‘mimic’ an early pregnancy and can cause the lifespan of the mare’s primary corpus luteum to be prolonged. This causes the mare to stay out of season as an aid to managing the ‘mareish’ mare or the mare that has undesirable behaviours when in season. The individual size of the pessaries makes their insertion into, and removal from the mare’s uterus easier and they can be supplied with an insertion and retrieval device. The iUPOD® was researched and developed by our colleague Dr. Carlos Gradil and further information can be found at Pearl Pod LLC’s website

iUPOD’s® are only supplied to a veterinarian or veterinary practice for horses under their care upon a written e-mail request. One of our veterinary team will be happy to discuss medical or surgical options and alternatives available to suit your clients’ requirements

A note to all mare owners: Your own veterinary surgeon should be your first source of advice regarding your mare’s behavioural issue(s), we are happy to advise you regarding, and/or treat your mare but this is best done via your own veterinary surgeon as a referral. If your vet feels an iUPOD® would be useful we will happily supply one to them.

iUPOD® is not appropriate for every mare. Share the mare reproductive health history with your veterinarian before placement of the device. This product is not recommended for mares with an unhealthy reproductive tract. Only you and your veterinarian can decide if an iUPOD® is right for your mare. iUPOD® should be inserted only by a licensed veterinarian


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