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Equine Reproductive Services (UK) Ltd

Welcome to Equine Reproductive Services!

2017 marks 20 years for Equine Reproductive Services in Yorkshire. Equine Reproductive Services are leaders in equine fertility and the team is currently headed up by directors James Crabtree and Charlie Cooke with Jonathan Pycock as consultant. Between them, they have worked in the UK, Ireland, Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and South America as well as working with clients and vets Worldwide with equine fertility issues.

The team have a vast amount of experience with Thoroughbred breeding as well as assisted reproduction from just a simple AI to performing embryo transfer and ‘egg collection’ in mares and semen freezing in stallions. The whole team are involved furthering knowledge with clinical research and teaching in the field of reproduction and are always available to advise clients and vets alike on their equine reproductive issues.

James, Charlie and Jonathan are well known for their lectures on a national and international stage where they speak regularly on all topics reproduction and fertility. James Crabtree is an honorary lecturer and Charlie Cooke an associate lecturer, at Liverpool University whilst Jonathan Pycock lectures at Glasgow University when he is not consulting with vets with the Veterinary Defence Society.

They are not just reproduction, James & Charlie along with a team based in Malton, continue to work full time in the fields of the North of England offering tailor made services to all horses retired or competing, across all disciplines from showing to racing, in both domestic and international competition. Add to this a passion and flare for all aspects of reproduction and fertility, then you have a team of vets who not only help you realise your dream foal but help you right through to competition and beyond.

Explore the website a little and see what we are about…

Equine Reproductive Services
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